About the Brown Girl

Why am I starting a blog?

Starting a blog in 2018 as a 30-something-year-old makes me feel a little bit like my mom trying to turn on the computer with the T.V. remote control. (Just be thankful I’m not on YouTube*, posting 45 minute shaky cell phone videos where I realize halfway through that I’m actually just filming my own feet.) Also, I find myself hilarious and laugh at my own jokes, which (I think) is less obnoxious on a blog than on YouTube.
*I had to quickly check that it was “YouTube” and not “The YouTube”. Send help.

Anyways – I love reading blogs, especially travel blogs.  I love reading about the places I might travel to one day, the places I have already travelled to, and the experiences that others have had on the road.

Also – I love sharing my own travel experiences, and I need an outlet that isn’t pestering my friends with “this one time, when I lived in Japan” stories.  Yes, I am that friend.

I like picturing a time when I am on the road and not spending 9-5 behind a computer screen (although I also like my computer screen job).

I had a boss once whose guilty pleasure was looking at old houses for sale that he could fix up. It was something that brought him endless excitement and hope when life got a bit too stressful. Or boring. This is my that.

What is this blog about?

This blog is about me, making friends and missteps as I stumble around the globe.

This is a blog for those of us who struggle to balance our insatiable wanderlust with our 9 to 5, while trying to do some good in our own backyard. And in other people’s backyards.

This is a blog about what to do when you want to spend your life travelling the world but you’re in your 30s and you’re worried about embarrassing your immigrant parents who made sacrifices so that you could have a better future in a first world country and need to be able to brag about you to their friends (note: concept still in progress).*

*but if any of that felt/sounded remotely familiar to you this blog is definitely for you

Maybe reading about my experiences will make you want to go out and explore. Maybe writing about my experiences will make me want to go out and explore.

Where/when have I travelled?

My first international trip was to Sri Lanka when I was 21, where I volunteered for a summer at a local high school in the community where my parents grew up. From there I:
-did an internship in Ethiopia
-volunteered on an organic garden project in India
-volunteered with a legal information clinic for women in Ghana
-completed a Master’s in Law in Japan
-did random trips to the UK/Ireland/Cuba/Nepal/Kenya/Togo/Singapore/Vietnam/Thailand/Cambodia/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Switzerland

Somewhere along the way, I got the travel bug. (Figuratively, but also literally. Giardia, in Ethiopia.)

I am also often in Germany. Oh, and I have been to the US several times but I’m Canadian so that isn’t particularly exciting (much like this section).

Why Brown Girl Adventures?

Because I am a brown girl, and I adventure.

Girl with hula hoop